Your First Yoga Class for Beginner Yoga

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By Katya Hropova

Your First Yoga Class for Beginner Yoga

So another thing that I feel is really important is to be gentle to yourself, specially when you are a beginner in yoga, be very very gentle and listen to your body. A good practice is to actually close your eyes or have your eyes have closed in the yoga poses because then it kind of brings the experience inside and it brings you closer to yourself. Don’t overdo anything, it so important, just so gentle and so kind to yourself and on your body. That’s probably the biggest message I would love to deliver. Yin yoga is really deep stretching and is also very meditative, so it’s a very

slow class. We spend 3-5 minutes in each pose and all the poses are on the floor so you’re not holding your worries for 5 minutes as you are just relaxing fully. The gravity actually does all the work, so all you do is just get into the pose as comfortable as possible, and you don’t even go to your edge. It’s just kind of the gentle tugging, stretch and then stay there and the period of time that we stay in the pose is actually what the stretch, and when your body is ready, it will actually invite you to go further. That’s what Yin Yoga is, it’s very slow meditative practice with deep stretching.

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