Restore and Explore

Okanagan Yoga


Join in for a community inspired yoga and meditation practice. Expressive Yoga highlights the body’s natural ability to restore and de-stress and explores the flexibility of the body and mind. This beginner friendly class is designed to increase body circulation, awaken the inner healer and bring forth greater body knowledge.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – Bhagavad Gita

Learn more about breath rhythm, self compassion and care. Engage in gentle hip and heart opening techniques that increase balance and enhance a wide range of motion while quieting the mind with a sense of grace and ease. Jada is a certified and passionate yogi with over 16 years teaching experience. All levels welcome!

Nature is our teacher.
– Wim Hof


Do you have beginner yoga classes?

We offer beginner-friendly, new student oriented programs. We’ve all been new students at one point or another, and we strive to make you feel welcome, at home and appreciated. All of our classes are perfectly suitable for beginner yoga students.

What should I bring to my first yoga class?

For your first time, bring your workout or yoga clothes, some water and your yoga mat if you have one. We provide complimentary yoga mats and washrooms for you to change in.

You are allowed to bring personal items like wallets, purses and phones (just turn them off) into the yoga studio for safe keeping.

Do we need to pre-register or just show up?

Yoga is for everyone. Feel to free to just show up!

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