Yoga & The Experiment

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By Aaron Hilyard

Yoga & The Experiment

My background in laboratory biology, definitely I feel like it was a foundation for my yoga practice, and I really believe that yoga is a science also. The way that I look at that is – the hypothesis to me is that these techniques are tools that we can use to improve our lives, whatever that means. The main experiment is to try these techniques, to try breathing, to try moving your bodies in certain ways, to try meditation. The data is your own experience. So the difference to me is that in lab biology or in science, the data is always numbers – what can you measure. The data for your yoga practice is the way that you feel. So when you pay attention to the way that your actions relate to the way that you feel, you refine that hypothesis over time. That’s why this practice never stops; you just keep refining, keep trying new experiments, keep staying open to new ideas, and see what works for you.

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