Yoga for Healing

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By Katya Hropova

Yoga for Healing

Restorative yoga is a very loving and kind type of yoga. It promotes deep relaxation – that’s pretty much the main focus of restorative yoga – it is to relax very deeply, because restorative comes from the word restore, so you are restoring yourself, while you are in the practice. The philosophy behind it is that your body has an incredible wisdom so if you get out of its way and let it do its work, it will actually heal you, so that’s what restorative yoga is designed to do. We use bolster pillows, very comfortable getting into comfy poses, very cosy, covering with blankets sometimes so you are completely feel absorbed, almost like you want to cocoon in your own experience and so relax there.

A lot of people will actually start crying because if you are on the go all the time, you don’t have time to actually look at what is actually going on in your body, or any traumas that might have happened or anything like that, but when you come home into your body or come home into yourself and relax, then a lot of the stuff can come up, so people cry in the restorative yoga. It’s definitely very healing, very emotional, or it can just be very relaxing. It just depends on what exactly is going on in your body, but yes, it is very very loving. It’s a good way to start yoga practice is from restorative.

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