Yoga for Beginners

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By Nikka Karli

Yoga for Beginners

So if I had a beginner who was wanting to come to the practice and was a little bit nervous, I would say that you just come as you are and we often get students who want to come and practice but they are a little bit afraid of what other people will think, or they are a little bit afraid of what they can’t do. And when we come to our mat, it not only shows us what we’re capable of physically, it shows us what we’re capable of mentally and spiritually, so yes, it’s a physical practice. It’s a flow, it’s a strong practice, but you also can expect to work on releasing. You are letting go of the mental tire; you’re letting go of the things that are kind of holding you back in your lives.

When we come to a class, and we’re like it’s going to be a flow class, it might be hard, it might be challenging physically, but what that does is it really allows you to see your greatness and allows you to own that you can do this. So once you get into a pose you’re like “Oh my gosh! This is absolutely amazing, this is incredible!” You know that you can also do that for the rest of your life, so this translates into your relationships, it translates into your calling, your purpose here in this world. So what you can do on your mat, you can do off of it. So expect transformation, expect like Oh-my-goodness-mind-blowing-holy-crap moments and expect surrender. Lots and lots of surrender.

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