What Is Yoga?

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By Katya Hropova

What Is Yoga?

So what yoga means to me is a place to be yourself and that also includes meditation, yoga, all of it kind of means the same thing to me. I’m especially passionate about meditation because it is providing that space to explore whatever is inside of you. When I lead in meditation I feel like I’m singing a lullaby to the world and it feels incredible. It’s almost kind of like settling into your body and relaxing your body and looking at the world from that perspective, versus just being anxious and stressed out from the everyday life. If you keep going like that and the stress rises, rises and rises, and then all the energy comes up here, and then you’re not loving your body anymore. At least I notice that for myself. I operate at my highest when I’m in my body and when I’m relaxed. I teach what I know for myself and what works for myself and I know that that’s what I need. I need relaxation techniques and meditation. I’m just hoping that people can relate to that.

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