What Is Dharma Yoga

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By Eileen Lorraine

What Is Dharma Yoga

So Dharma Yoga comes from Sri Dharma Mittra, and he’s in New York right now, he’s at the studio since the early 70s, he’s been teaching Yoga in New York. It’s a Hatha Raja practice. So Hatha is the asana that we all do, and that we have many stems of it that we teach in different ways at the studio. Raja is more of the meditation and so the class itself that I teach has different levels, but essentially it’s a very classic practice. He’s heavy on inversions so we do headstands, which is ironic in itself because I couldn’t do headstands until I went to practice with him. And then it’s followed by pranayama, breathing techniques and meditation, and we have a really long shivasana, which is always yummy.

Why it’s so important to me is because a lot of people familiar with this poster you see it in many studios that has a black and white poster, it looks like it’s vintage, it has like several hundred different poses, and some of them are extreme and amazing. Well that’s Sri Dharma Mittra. So I first saw that poster when I was 17 and started practising it at Club Med, it was the room that we used to go to when it rained. And it was so exotic and really exciting, I was like I wanna do that, I wanna do all of those. So I applied to study with him and I was really excited when I got accepted and it was exactly what I needed. It was this person who has devoted his entire life to the practice and does it with no ego. He just comes, he sees how the practice and the meditation and the lifestyle benefits all of us for self-realization, which is really what we’re trying to do whether we know it or not. So that’s why it’s personal to me, because I’ve done the physical part really hard, I’ve pushed myself, I’ve done the chaturanga after chaturanga and this is like – come back to you. Why are you really coming to your mat? What is it you really want to feel? And this connection and learning how to go within, how to use our prana, it’s beautiful especially, you have to experience it, come to the class!

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