The Benefits of Yoga Include a Balanced Metabolism

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The Benefits of Yoga Include a Balanced Metabolism

By Suzanne Bergfalk

Yoga has many benefits – physical and mental.  Maintaining a balanced metabolism is one of these benefits.

What does it mean to have a balanced metabolism?  This is easy to understand.

Metabolism is how the body breaks down food and drink into energy.  What we consume fuels basic activities in the body, like breathing, digestion and so on.  What we consume also provides energy for our daily activities – like walking the dog, putting groceries away, or chasing after a toddler!  Ideally, we consume enough food to get us through a day, but not so much that the body turns the excess into fat.

The good news is that the breathing and movements that make up a yoga practice help our bodies to metabolize what we eat.

The twists, forward folds, and planks practiced in yoga focus on the core.  Movements that focus on core bring better circulation to the digestive system.  In turn, the improved blood flow helps your digestive system to work better and process what you eat effectively.

Yoga poses like downward dog, tree, and chair further improve blood flow and circulation.  Using all of your muscles to hold these poses and maintain balance challenges your body. This muscular challenge encourages blood flow throughout your entire body.

Yoga also helps to build muscle which burns more energy.  Larger muscles like the thighs and biceps are used regularly in yoga.  These larger muscles support and balance the body in all kinds of poses.  Over time, you’ll find that yoga also requires the use of smaller muscles in the back, wrists, forearms, legs and ankles to fine-tune poses.  Hands and feet are also used for balance, and the smaller muscles here will also become stronger.

The benefits here are linked.  Your body builds more muscle, both large and small.  In your yoga practice, you use more muscles overall to gain strength.  While gaining muscle and strength, your body also makes better use of what you consume! 

If you’d like to experience the benefits of a balanced metabolism, you want to develop a regular yoga practice.  You can practice once a day if your schedule permits!  Two or three times a week works for most people.

At Barefoot Sanctuary, one of the easiest ways to develop a regular yoga practice is by becoming a Barefoot Member.  The Membership gives you unlimited yoga for $69 on a monthly basis.  The Membership is an auto-pay program, so once it’s set up, you can take classes as often as you like.

The Barefoot Membership isn’t a contract, so there’s no minimum number of months to pay for.  If you are travelling, or need a break, you can freeze your Membership once a year.  If the Membership isn’t right for you, then you can cancel – just let us know 14 days in advance.

Yoga offers many benefits.  You can maintain a balanced metabolism and experience the other benefits of yoga at Barefoot Sanctuary today!

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