My Yoga and Healing Journey

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By Alvin

Four days before my 40th birthday, I had a motorcycle accident which left me with a fractured spine in two places. On my way to a meeting, a woman turned left in front my motorcycle, cutting me off and catapulting me 30 feet through the air. I did a three-quarter flip and landed on my back with a sharp pain through my hip and lower back. I’ve experienced a completely new perspective to my physicality and psychology since my accident. In my prior life as a professional circus artist, much of my definition of who I was was derived from my physical ability and condition. After my accident, it was nearly impossible to even roll over to one side. It took all my effort to stand the first time. My view of who I am took on a new light. As an acrobat, my definition of impossible were defined as extreme stunts to overcome and master. After my accident, my definition of impossible was to walk again, jump again and sit or stand comfortably for 10 minutes. My first attempt to go up the stairs in my house took 40 minutes.


Since I met my wife Jada in 2006, I have gradually become more immersed in the world of yoga and healing. While I’ve always had an interest in self-healing, my motorcycle accident has rushed me headlong into a complete redefinition of the way I see myself and approach healing and physical conditioning. As a result of inability to move as I did previously, my overall health condition has deteriorated. I’ve gained 12-15 pounds of weight and my stamina, coordination, balance, strength and endurance has dropped significantly. I am weaker, heavier and more inflexible than I’ve ever been. While I’m regaining mobility and adjusting to normal activity after 6 months, there’s a still a long way to go to meet my prior condition. I also don’t want to be where I was before; I want to be wiser physically and mentally so that I learn how to sustain my health for longevity, not just for performance.


To achieve my healing goals, I’ve decided to ask my immediate community for their guidance. To this end, I am blessed: my wife is an expert yogi and herbalist and I am surrounded by an incredible team of yoga, meditation and healing teachers from our yoga studio. No one recovers in solitude – and so I’ve reached out to our teachers to help me with my healing journey. Healing is a team effort.


This journey is an opportunity to learn as much as I can in ways that I’m not familiar with. The key element to my approach is to remain open to guidance and listen to my intuition. I’ll approach my healing from two perspectives: the physical body and the emotional body. For the physical body, I will increase my frequency of yoga for flexibility and cycling for endurance. I will also continue rehabilitation in the form of physical therapy and other body work techniques. For the emotional body, I will deepen my practice of Conscious Meditation, an approach that centers around breath, sensory awareness and emotional surrender. I’ll also explore working with shamans and intuitive healers, as well as continue to heal past emotional trauma.


How will I know when I’ve achieved my healing goals? I’ll use basic metrics to measure the physical body: body weight, blood pressure and athletic performance. For the emotional body, I now battle with the fear of car accidents, so my inner resolution with fear will be a measure of improvement. I’ll be publishing my progress as well so that I increase my accountability to heal to not only my family and studio teachers but also to our students and readership. I welcome your feedback, and you can always post it on our Facebook page ( Namaste, Alvin.

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