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By Jada  |  Yogini, Healer and Artist 

It’s a wild world we live in and we are all products of our environment. Material delirium, sensory overload, transitional shifts of energetic awakenings, the inundation of electro smog from technology over usage. To top it off – we are forced to evolve rapidly into a heightened awareness in order to survive the environmental disaster we created. How in the world do we survive in this world today and more importantly how do we do it harmoniously?

Surviving and living in harmony has greatly peaked my interest as I have been exploring and finding a rhythm that works best for myself and my family. The energetic restoration and improved quality of health I have experienced on my journey inspires me to share some helpful tips on creating more harmony. There are a few intrinsic ways I will touch on here that may inspire you to turn this wild ship around and embark on a more tranquil destination.

As we know there is more information we are given daily than our minds are able to download, understand and fully digest. Below are some simple tools, suggestions and potential actions we can incorporate into your daily life to create more harmony.  Please enjoy these 6 essential ways of creating more harmony – from my heart to yours.

Harmony One

Being At Home

As I study the dynamics of human kind in our fast paced world, I see that we keep up the pace of the game we often eat on the go, whirlwind around with more caffeine than our system can handle and spend less time in the home where self nurture takes place. After fully recovering from severe iron deficiency anemia through herbs and nutrition, I had adapted to a new, more conscious eating lifestyle. When I discovered that my body was shutting down due to celiac disease, I was forced to be at home, self nurture and heal. This re-routing that spirit granted me gave me a close insight into a new way of life.

It’s been a year now that I have been cooking nourishing meals for myself and my family 7 days a week. I give myself permission to be at home where we can create a sacred temple with our surroundings and make it the kind of place we all want to be. The magical energy we create at our home comes from lighting candles, playing relaxing music throughout the house, opening windows for a fresh cross breeze, making and hanging art, rotating our library books, working with crystals and essential oils, playing live music, burning cleansing sage, watering our family of plants and taking a moment for a gratitude prayer before eating dinner. We hang twinkling tree lights and lanterns in the living space to create a cozy warm feel and always have the aromatic smell of a baked goods (gluten free), stew or tea filling up the home. We often ask each other, “Where else could we go and find this same kind of feeling?” As Bhagavan Das would say, “what will always bring us closest to Creator is creating.” This is especially true when we consume and nurture ourselves with this creative force.

Even if this energy is something you can tap into just one or two days a week, it’s still very powerful and is sure to build the harmonic bridge with the relationship we share with ourselves and each other.

Harmony Two


To expect our body (our engine) to accomplish greatness we must feed our engine the optimal fuel to run strong.  It’s really that simple and true. We are what we eat and we are what we say. With all of the allergens present today and the great struggle to find and produce organic non-GMO foods, it has become a battlefield of survival.

Yes ignorance is bliss and some earlier generations fortunately never had to experience the same challenges that we face today. It may be difficult to grasp the evolutionary shifts that confront us – everything can feel like a gimmick and too many warnings around food make it easy for us to wall off and shut down the opportunity to consume differently. Our challenge and greatest gift is to take full responsibility for our own health. Knowledge is power.

It is now time to learn and apply this knowledge of health for survival. We are being asked to step into a leadership role with our health. We must become more educated with our planet, with our body and how we work in harmony with Earth’s real medicine.

We have the ability to ignite the inner healer within us. When we awaken that power and come into the knowledge and understanding of what our body needs to function optimally, we spend more time and money on our internal health.  The ideal nutrition and whole body meals we invest in will take precedence over the doctor visits who prescribe pharmaceuticals that weaken our immunity rather than strengthen it. Indeed we may need to ingest these chemically compounds when we are severely injured or broken – I was not about to pour my son a cup of tea when he broke his femur bone! There is a medicinal balance to be embraced, yet the ultimate key is preventative medicine. We can strengthen our body through wholesome, organic food, chemical free products, self nurture and listen empathetically to our body. When we fill our engine with nutrient rich fuel, we become harmoniously strong, rejuvenated and awake.

Embrace an Herb for Immunity Strengthening,

 Circulation, Alleviation of Stress, Natural Energy, Digestion and More.

Some of my favorite herbs to name a few:

Yellow Dock, Comfrey, Dandelion Root, Licorice Root, Holy Basil, Tumeric, Raw Ginger, Hibiscus Flower, Cayenne, Nettle Leaf, Peppermint, Echinacea, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic and Lemon

Harmony Three

Sleep Cycle

It has been proven that a shortage of sleep or an inconsistent sleep cycle can increase levels of inflammation in our body and leave us more susceptible to a weakened immune system, stress and dis-ease. It is important we know that stress is a disease – a real disease. If we deprive our body of restoration, we energetically fall behind and our sense of vitality loses its luster.

I realize that it is difficult today to fall asleep and rise with the solar clock as the native Americans would once follow, although we can aim to fall asleep earlier and more restfully to encourage a deep seven to nine hour sleep cycle. With the support of sedative and hypnotic herbs that provide a nervine body tonic sensation and relaxation such as Valerian Root, Chamomile, Kava Kava or even occasional Melatonin, these herbs can encourage a deep solid sleep. Just the art of making yourself a cup of tea alone will prepare you for restfulness so try having a darkly steeped cup of herbal tea nightly after dinner.

It is also key to set the tone for night time. In our home we dim lights, take an early bath and finish with a bedtime books while listening to native flute music with our toddler until he drifts asleep. It is essential to eliminate sugar from our diet especially after 4pm. Finding healthy alternatives to replace our vices and addictions is easier today than ever before. It’s not about taking something away  – it’s about replacing the void with something that fuels us, something creative and not destructive. Every time we eat, we give an opportunity for our bodies to thrive. Some helpful transitions that work for me are replacing red wine for a cup of warm hibiscus flower tea, a caffeinated coffee for a dandelion root herbal coffee or processed sugar for watermelon.

Harmony Four


The key to healing is forgiveness. Many shamans, medicine men and women  would agree. We often harbor trauma, sadness, suffering and emotional residue of past experiences in our body, muscle memory, energetic disposition and auric field. To fill our cup with more love we often need to release what could be standing in the way or occupying our sacred space. Releasing and cleansing our congested and static energy is as necessary as clearing expired produce from the fridge. Cleansing our emotional body is a real process and in essence, we let go when we are ready to.

One way I welcome this release to come over me is listening to emotionally evocative music. I enjoy the opportunities I find to cry, even if I don’t know what I am crying about. This is an opportunity of cleansing and release. Don’t hold back your tears. There is a cathartic wave of emotion that wants to purge like a tsunami.  Let it. This is healing. When I have a student in my yoga class who has reached the point of tears within the practice, I know I have done my job. We are both fulfilled.

Harmony Five


Yoga and meditation govern my flow. These disciplines assist in my self-alignment, energy and focus. To maintain a positive rhythm, I must engage in a practice once a week at minimum. The process of meditation, be it stillness in nature, an actual guided class, preparing a nourishing meal, painting, taking a peaceful drive through Red Rock Canyon or making time for a quiet walk, gives me the opportunity to be as truthful with myself as I can. I get to sit with my obstacles and see what has been undigested or recurring. The meditative practice allows me the time to invoke, visualize and cleanse my energetic body with white light meditation and spiritual techniques that feel good to me. Like a cosmic river or pool of light I run energy through me to heal, pacify and protect my spirit. We all have ways of doing this. Find what works for you and remain consistent with the process so a rhythm is established and a peace ritual is formed. Gratitude is the attitude and will surely bring more light and love. Love is the answer to all things.

 Harmony Six

The Journey

At the end of the day or the end of our road there will be a reflective moment when we ask ourselves, how did we accomplish what we set out to do? As a yoga teacher and practitioner of 19 years I have seen and studied the ego mind and the nature of challenge, surrender and patience in our practice, in our physical feats and also in the very effort of learning a yoga asana or posture. The process will always look like the product. For instance, If we race to ‘get’ our headstand, one of the king postures or inversions practiced in the asana form of yoga, we can often miss out on the storyline and the rich energetic material that makes up the art of achieving this challenge in its fullest expression. When we choose to consciously and eagerly engage in the process of a task or even a responsibility, our mindful efforts will always reflect our destination. The journey remains to be the best part.

Let’s pull back, slow down and avoid getting ahead of ourselves. Less is always be more. In doing so we can experience and witness the magic of the moment, discover the opportunity that lies within the obstacle and harmoniously restore, reinforce and embrace the reward.

As my loving husband Alvin Tam will often remind me,

“The way we do anything is the way we do everything.”

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