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Trauma Healing

by Jada Tam

 Recently I have been giving much thought to healing trauma. Big or small, I am learning that we are all conflicted with some traumatic life residue that often has little opportunity to be released. In our ancient animal wisdom oracle deck, the beautiful african bird, lilac breasted roller shares the gift of forgiveness. In order to launch and fly freely onward and up, we must unload or rinse off the residues of the past.  This action of surrender or forgiveness allows us to move freely with grace and ease.

 Healing Trauma ~

One of my favorite herbalists, Steven Horne says that when it comes to healing trauma, “the only way out is through.” Powerful words.  Our emotional body must discharge the intensity of the energy built up in the nervous system to experience emotional healing. Recently my husband and I have been sensitive to when our little one wells up with tears or has what most people call a tantrum. Instead of hushing the child to quiet we hold him close and let the river of tears rinse and the root fires of groaning be released. Even if for a little longer than the time before, we feel there is some deep healing in this exchange. Our emotional body surely needs a good cleanse just the way our physical body does.

Can you remember your last good cry? Do you like to be held during this kind of cathartic release?  Imagine what a child may need. Imagine what you truly need. What if you let the river flow… clear the path and trust in the process? What if.

Forgiveness ~

The essential key to any kind of healing is forgiveness.  Reconciliation with thy self or another. Many shamans, medicine men and women historically found this to be true. We often harbor trauma, sadness, suffering and emotional residue of past experiences within our body, muscle memory, energetic disposition and auric field.  Perhaps a time of the past, an experience, a chapter or a relationship calls for healing. Tears are the elixer here, the healing elixer. An elixer that no other formula could quite match.

A few months back my whole torso and mid section of my body broke out in a case of horrific hives and lasted almost a month.  I had never experienced anything like it and discovered after turning to all my herbal remedies that there was more to my ailment that treating it with medicine of any kind.

A wise teacher of mine once said that sickness comes from abandoning our connection to spirit. Ancestors want to work with us to get us connected to our true destiny or soul purpose. What was troubling me so much I would only come to understand by dropping into my body to listen for the insight, the cure.

Getting quiet is powerful.

I had been deep in the chapter of my studies that spoke about the root causes of disease. Emotional and mental stress being one of those fundamental root causes let me look at and understand that with an evolved spirit and winds of change there also comes, a parting of the past. This emotionally painful sense of detachment brought about dis-ease to the surface of my skin. Something was ready to shed but was waiting for me to do the work. There was no running from this. The hives felt as if they were beginning to take over like an internal voice desperately needing to be heard. I had to look inside, be honest with my emotions, fears and struggles with trying to make everyone around me happy.  An overachiever’s quest, maybe. Although this led me to ask, what is my truth and what is so hard to relinquish?

The amazing truth is that it wasn’t until I completed and delivered a set of written love letters of forgiveness to my family members closest to me and embraced a heavy purge of tears that my body hives actually began to go away. In days time, the red inflamed patches softened to a faint pink. It was as if I watched time heal and felt honest expression pave the way to see this healing through. This initiated the flow.  I suppose we can call that emotional webbing that stands in the way of the physical healing. Once that is cleared, like cob webs from an old space, therein lies a portal or way out and through.

Often times we need to couple our intuition with courage. This can be a complex pairing when we are internally asked to take action and move forth, fearing not the magic of our intuition or primal instincts. To fill our cup with more love we often need to release what could be standing in the way or occupying that sacred space. Releasing and cleansing our congested, static or dormant energy is as necessary as ridding of our expired produce. Cleansing our emotional body is a real process and in essence, we let go when we are ready to.

One way I welcome this release to come over me is by listening to emotionally evocative music. I enjoy the opportunities I find to cry, even if I don’t know what I am crying about. This is an opportunity to embrace the river of tears, the healing elixer. There is a cathartic wave of emotion that wants to charge fierce like a tsunami. Let it. This is healing.

As silly as it may sound I feel like when I have a student in my yoga class who has reached the point of tears within the practice, I know I have done my job. We are both fulfilled.

Peaceful Fortunes… 

Selva Nepal

Take your time. Trust in your words and feelings. Embrace a moment in gratitude for the path and all it has taught you. 

Today we are all struggling with a some sense of spiritual malnourishment. My weakest times are often when I am spinning too fast trying to keep up with the rampant pace of life’s craze.

When I head into nature I am humbled by the lofty sense of the trees, the unbeaten path. Quiet the mind. Enjoy a long silent walk.  Pack a thermos of hot tea and visit a nearby mountain. Journal in a book or speak aloud. Feel safe, strong connected.

Cry Yourself to Peace.

Love Your Medicine Mama,


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