Dance Medicine Journey

A Therapeutic + Shamanic Approach to Dance with Jada Fire

Indulge in this unique online course where deep wound healing + renewal begins!


Ever wonder if you have an inner alchemist?

Might you have the potential to harness + transform your greatest wounds into resilient golden light? What if your deepest wound showed you the way to to discover the greatest gold mine you can imagine? Hopeful, yes. Possible? I believe so. Perhaps this idea can bring hope to all who have endured deep emotional + physical wounding. The medicine + the magic is in the dance!

Dance Medicine Journey is created for the curious, sensual seeker who is ready to embrace a powerful shift into the realm of re-wilding the primordial nature of dance.

I share my personal journey of what it is like to rebuild from a broken place + explain how dance is a transformational discipline of healing, understanding and radiant empowerment.

This comes through both courage and consciousness around dancing the wounded space + weaving forth the sacred stories and body knowledge that come alive with this expression. It is a true gift to give yourself full permission to roar like a lion, sway and loosen your hips and stoke your inner fire. Dance brings resiliency, truth, cathartic release and an abundant well of untapped joy!

The content in this course shines light on how to re-define and re-build our sentient connection to our physical body and the Earth body at large. 

The Dance Medicine Journey is a powerful and refreshing approach to the art of dance. This online course is ideal for a new dancer yearning to find comfort in sensual expression and also the seasoned dancer hungry for a deepening in enriched body knowledge, creative life force, alchemical healing and more.

Get ready to shine light on your shadows and discover who you are born to be!

"Light Enters at the Point of the Wound."~ Rumi

Shedding + Re-birthing with Love,


The Body Does Not Lie

Trauma healing lets us look at the muscle memory of what has been deeply stored, stifled or even buried within. The natural rhythms and fluidity we find in the dance enable us to soften the rigid edges and accept the new range of motion to live into. The work of the medicine dancer is to make peace with our pain and awaken the inner truth through the power of dance.

Healing The Cycle

Dancing can be our greatest offering of generational healing. The freedom, joy and power we can awaken in our dance may very well be the greatest gift we can give to not only our own self, yet our lineage, blood line, ancestors and Earth mother. The degradation of the land is directly connected to the degradation of our soul.

Earth Attunement

We have come here to be one with the soil, the stones, the water, the flame and the ways of our internal home. Attuning back into the elements enables our primal connection back to source. True power comes from within. Dance Medicine brings us both in and down to source. We are being called to return. The only way out is through.

9 Dance Medicine Online Classes

A library of nine 75-minute inspirational Dance Medicine classes led by Jada. These classes have been specially recorded for you to practice and play with whenever you are ready to dance in the comfort of your own home. Each class has a theme and intention with some special guest dancers and animals too! Fun, vibrant and full of creative dance technique in the styles of West African, Serpentine, Lyrical, Middle Eastern Dance + Improvised Flow.

Dance Medicine Lecture

Enjoy this unique, comprehensive video lecture Jada has recorded to address enlightening segments of wisdom such as: Repression + Dancing the Wound, Embodiment + Sentience, Oracle Card Reading, Primordial Power, Communing with Nature, Primitive Origins + History with some additional resources to deepen your Dance Medicine Journey. A few guest animals join the recording and bring light, laughter and love to this divine share.

Healing Discussions, Audio Podcast + Articles

A collection of 7 original articles gathered to illuminate wisdom on the Dance Medicine Journey and your path towards self empowerment, healing and creative insight. These articles, written by Jada have been recorded in an audio podcast to make listening easy. If you prefer to read the articles, a PDF document is included for you to print and keep. Stories are our greatest gifts.


Begin Your Dance Medicine Journey! I look forward to finding you in the sacred spiral of it all. We are inherently beautiful in Flesh, Blood + Bone.
Embrace the Medicine in Your Dance + Let Yourself Re ~Wild.


$149 USD UNTIL October 31, REGULAR $249 USD, SAVE $100




Heal + Inspire,  Jada Fire

“For a Tree's Branches to Reach the Heights of Heaven, Its Roots Need to Touch Hell."

~ Alchemical Dictum