Connecting Through Yoga

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By Oxana Merkulina

Connecting Through Yoga

Trying to be somebody else – we hear it a lot. And we know that it’s not the right way and it’s not necessary to try to live somebody else’s life and to try to accept somebody else’s thoughts about yourself or about them.

There is something very universal in each and every one of us. And when you understand that connection when you understand that you are part of the universe. You stop chasing the imaginary idea that you have about yourself and yoga helps you find that connection and helps you find that acceptance of yourself within you. Not from your teacher, and not from the people with you in the class or somebody else outside of your yoga practice. I think that it is very important to realize that and I’m very grateful that yoga helped me stop imagining more and more ideas of myself that were taking me away from staying on my path and taking me away from being happy and being content, and I hope that all the yoga students can find that in my classes as well.

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