Extreme Balance

balance circus balance yoga Jan 20, 2021

By Alvin Tam

I was in a yoga class today when the idea of going to extremes to find your center hit me. Actually I was trying to hold a move - the instructor said, "20 seconds" - and I thought my legs would give out before it was up. Then I played a little mental trick and told myself that the move would last 40 seconds. My body calmed and I finished the standing asana easily.

It's not a new idea to give yourself a goal further than where you're aiming in order to achieve that goal (make sense?). But it's an application that we forget sometimes when we set an objective. It's just like easing up on the throttle right before you cross the finish line. If you picture the end farther than it is, you blaze across the line like there's no tomorrow.

This brings me to balance and overcompensation. It's the same principle at work. If I'm trying to do a backflip, and I constantly veer to one side my task is to redefine my center so that I can flip evenly. The problem is that rediscovering...

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