The Power of Presence

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2021


When you have less you begin to see that you actually have so much more. As I sit by the fire place with a few shards of kindling, I am looking at making a fire grow from an ember to a roar with my concerted focus, energy and will to make it work.  It’s a chilly winter day, snow and ice all around and warmth is my key to drop deep into a state of ease and comfort.  I need this sensation, I realize  in order to set the space as sacred.  

 Creating sacred grounds lets me read, listen and continue the inward spiral of healing, writing, being present with what  surrounds me at this time. This extraordinary inward journey that we have all been given is a means to identify, reveal and understand the deeper self.  How do I arrive to the full potential of who I am? Where is the best version of myself and why have I buried that magic within me?  Ahh, all this time on my hands brings a greater gift. This gift of time lets me ask, listen and wonder, how present can I be?  

 As I sit patiently with the fire I let my body drop into the moment, remembering that magic happens all the time when I am fully present and open. From four years of living off grid in a forest home I have quickly learned that you cannot start a fire in a hurry.  There is no forcing magic.  Anger and stress will not spark the flame. Frustration and panic are two ingredients that simply don’t live in the process of making a fire.

The bright promising flames of nourishment and warmth will come when I let go of everything else and become fully present with the task at hand.  With wet wood, limited newspapers and a chill in my bone, I am faced with the deep listening and will to create magic. I find my breath. I tune in. I balance the windows of circulating air flow, I get real quiet, I pray.  Then, I am reminded I know how to do this. Yes, practicing this opportunity again and again I discover this is how I sharpen my intuition and my inner magician.

 We all have a magician within us.  Your inner magi may come from your inherent skills and intuition with the elements, working outdoors in a wilderness setting, polishing and praying to a stone, eye gazing with your pet, calling on plant or animal spirit for a sacred sign.  Your inner magician may also live in your potential to navigate the internet, the digital grid that feels like an interconnected labyrinth to code or unlock mysterious wisdom from near or far. However you cultivate or connect to this archetype within you is for you to choose.  What is key is knowing that magic does indeed live within you.  Magic lives within everything as a matter of fact. When we become present with this idea, notion or way of thinking is when it happens.

 It happens with the inbreath and outbreath of your yoga practice or meditative walk in solitude. The very existence of you is magic. The way you embody your wisdom, share it with others or the way you show up for yourself as the inner healer, conscious lover, compassionate friend.

 With the surplus time on our hands, Alvin and I have been deepening our knowledge base around sacred sexuality. We called in a guide to help us journey within the shadowed pockets of our inner selves, seeking to rectify restore and heal the old traumas and wounds of the past.  As we magically tap into this depth of work together we are finding the potential to not only become fully present with ourselves and each other, yet are finding the profound gift of being present with rather than burying or running from the old triggers or beliefs we have embodied from times long ago.  

As the world spins and shifts, we too are downloading and uploading new wisdom and enlightenment to become the best version of ourselves just the way the world is seeking to do at this very moment! We all have a choice.  What will you do with your time?

Burying our nose in the media and the endless fears that keep feeding an unhealthy fire isn’t serving the health and livelihood of the whole. In essence, we can only begin with our self. Go in and look at my shit?  Yes, that’s exactly what I am suggesting.  I believe that  what lives within our shadow, light or dark, the shit and the deep well of pain body is actually the greatest fuel resource that you have to burn so brightly.  

Being present with our pain gives us an opportunity to transform and spin our wounds into Gold.  The alchemist or magician in you is capable of this work.

Remember a time when you faced a closet full of junk, piles of abandoned papers, clothing, tools or a cup board that needed a deep clean.  Have you ever found lost coins, old treasures or enough food to create a magic meal to feed your family?  Try looking in the dark or unattended corners and see what you find when you lift the unturned stones.  

Choosing presence with what we can truly transform begins with the internal home, with You.  As I sit here with a crackling fire by my side I am inspired to write from my heart and share with you the magic that is bubbling up and coming forward in the art of being present.

From the Fire, Jada

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