Re Wilding Dance Medicine ~ 3 Secrets You Need to Know

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2021

 By Jada Fire

Tapping into the sensual and expressive flow of your body may be the path to fully ignite your deepest Joy. I find the dance to serve as my highest form of medicinal healing these days and the medium of expression that allows a channel of creativity and sensual freedom to flow through me. The creative essence in the dance is there for You to open, like a lock and key... direct access to your feminine power, the warrioress, catharsis and compassion. When you show up for yourself, you show up for the world.

  1. Surrender ~


As I feel into the essence of the dance, the energy of Amaru, the Incan serpent comes to mind.  There in lies so much to shed, so much to receive, so much to love and so much to resurrect, recall or collect of our own self. All of this while slithering our way through the process. The serpent also moves her body deep into the ground which can embody a formidable sense of being held. It is beautiful to be able to recline back or drop in and down to feel the connection to source, to the earth element to your beating heart. Surrendering is the key to opening the magic of the unknown.


Dance can be so intimate and when we escape or surrender the ideas and restraints of the mind we allow the body to express the language of our emotions.  When we move our body in ways that we don’t have pre recorded or understood in our mental body, we begin to tap into the art of surrender.  Bringing the surrender into the dance allows newfound exploration of feelings, emotions and connections to the space, sound and circumstances in that very moment. We begin to tap into our sentient body and begin listening to how our body wants and needs to move rather than how it should be doing so. 


Speaking to this power feels like a secret unfolding as we are often trained and programmed to move in such a way that appears sensual. Here you can ask yourself does the dance feel sensual? The surrender is the letting go of all the stories and expectations, releasing judgements and inhibitions while igniting what sometimes feels like a lost feeling of trust. Surrendering lets us wonder, imagine, ebb and flow with our breath like the formation and dispersal of moving clouds that come and go, embracing the beauty of the moment; perfect just the way it is.


  1. Space Consciousness~


Honor where you have come from and where you are going.  The dance can be a portal of play as we hold true to our own personal experience and relationship to time and space. Often in a practice of Dance Medicine I can see there can come a sense of comparison emerging to the surface for some dancers.  I can sometimes feel a dancer questioning their experience or understanding in the space of another dancer having a completely different experience or living a different story.  “Comparison is the death of joy” - unknown.  So essential it is to stay in your body and remember that when we come into any practice of embodiment that we long to feel safe in our own body and to cultivate this sense of safety and sacredness more deeply is one of the greater purposes or reasons why we dance. As you can see the dance here is more about cracking into the healing potential and less about choreography and 8 counts. 


The journey is the best part of our own personal growth. Holding some consciousness around this idea can help you to appreciate the external energy around you and receive the inspiration that comes while also honoring your internal gifts and unique rhythm and pace of your growth. Expression is deeply internal and inherently your own. Releasing comparison and judgement brings us closer to our sisters, brothers, lovers and deepens the kinship and sacred relations with whom we choose to dance with. 


Dancing in solitude is such a powerful practice and one that I enjoy more and more as my own healing journey deepens.  A healthy mantra to hold is, “I am worthy, I am sacred,  I am loved just the way I am.”  “I am free to be expressive in my body.  I hold and nurture the goddess within. I am sensually free in my body and safe to express myself sexually in the dance if I choose to.”


  1. Sanctity~


Expansion + Contraction. This is a big integrative energy we experience in the work of Dance Medicine. When we come home to the stillness after a cathartic, or deeply expressive practice we find there is an opportunity for a deepening or greater healing to be felt. These are the holy grounds where you can find space and an opportunity to forgive your abusers through the dance and heal from the source. This is the sacred realm of forgiveness, our biggest key in any healing. 


The biggest sanctity I feel in the dance brings me closer to the collective work of generational healing. I loosen my hips and bring freedom to my root and sacral chakras to release what no longer serves in the highest. I dance for my mothers, my ancestors my children. Dance is my church, my temple and a viable medium to sanctify + purify my spirit. Dance is my medicine and can be yours too.


We have land rights to our own body. We choose, invite, welcome or resist what the inner landscape seeks, asks, allows. Every Sanctuary has a Gate. Boundaries Bring More Love.


Join me for my Dance Medicine Journey, an online at home course with no expectations or expiration so you can play with at your own pace!  Spark the inner alchemist in you. Shine light on your shadows and transform obstacles into newfound opportunities. 

Shake, Shed and Surrender.  I’ll see you inside….


Embrace your Sensual Creature. There is so much more joy, freedom + resurrection on its way.

I am here with you... Stoking the Inner Flame, 


Jada Fire


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