Burning Sage Our Purification Tool

Uncategorized May 11, 2020


By Jada Fire

Ever feel energetically overwhelmed in your home and feel like a deep spirit cleansing is necessary? Perhaps you have saged your home before and already have this sweet ritual and blessing your home down pat.  If you are new to smudging with this medicinal plant, it is a lovely way to listen and connect with a long lived ancient way of purification.

Sage (Salvia Officianalis) or Artemesia, old man’s sage is recognized as the ‘savior herb’ in many native American cultures. Not only a sacred plant ally for smudging or blessing a space, sage is also antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral and has been embraced to strengthen memory and cultivate the growth of wisdom.

The actual smudging balances out the positive and negative ions in the air element and is great for clearing out an office space emitting heavy electro smog or to clear the home during and after an illness is present or passing. I often sage our home before a big celebratory event or prior to working with a client intuitively so I can make way for spirit to bless the experience with love and divine guidance. In times like this, I call in joy and gratitude, healing or prosperity for all. I also find myself saging our home as a final touch after a deep house cleaning or if argumentative energy were to take place, as a means of restoring peace.


Very simply you can take a few dried white sage leaves into a wooden or clay bowl and light the tips of them.  You can also wrap a bundle of sage into a wand, tied together with cotton or twine and walk around your home with wand in hand.  I usually walk the entire space of the home slowly, calling in love and blessings over the doors, windows and different rooms. Sometimes I ask to stimulate creativity in certain areas of the home or quietude, nourishment, success in others.  My five year old son is often my spirit companion in this process as he becomes enamored with the unique smoke trails  dancing off the roasted leaf and the idea of connection.  One day, before a holiday event at home, he stood still in the living room with sun rays crossing through and doors graciously open, holding a sage leaf in hand and said, “mommy, I just spoke to God”.  It was a very precious moment. I asked him what he had said and his answer was, “I invited him to the party”I received a full body smile and was tickled with a magical sense of inspiration.

The beauty of burning the sage or the moment you set fire to the dried plant is when you become engaged and rooted in the present moment, kindly asking your plant ally to work together to bless and cleanse the home. This is the moment the power of intention comes alive and is set in motion. The art of connection with sage can assist in pacifying the stresses of your own physical and emotional body as well as the full body of the home or space you are seeking to cleanse. I often open a few doors and windows to allow the dismissal of what feels negative or depressed out with the soft pull of the wind. A gentle cross breeze is another lovely companion in this process. Once I fully circle the home I return to where I started which is usually the kitchen and set my sage wand into a clay cup to finish its breath work. 

In addition to working with white sage, there are other medicinal plants that bring a cleansing and relaxing energy to the home when smudged.  Try working with sweet grass, juniper bark, dried lavender, cedar wood, palo santo, pine derivatives or mugwort. These methods or rituals you can co-create to feel protected, safe, grounded, open and alive in your process comes from the intention you seek and taking action on that intention.  We do this by putting our intention into words and couple it with the communion of a sacred plant to manifest greater health and healing. Anything can become sacred when we intend it to be that way.

Ask Spirit to bring ease, grace, strength or whatever it is you are searching for into your sacred space, home and body.

The process of saging lets us slow down, pull back and welcome compassion, an empathetic heart and a true desire to connect.

These darling creatures of our home always appreciate a sweet Earthly cleanse with the mighty sage wand! Bless them...


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