Benefits of Yoga | Self Care

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Benefits of Yoga  |  Self Care

by Suzanne Bergfalk

Who is the most important person in your life?  Who is the person who deserves good health and happiness?  Who is the person who deserves your time and attention?

While there isn’t really a right answer to these questions, most answers might refer to a spouse, a child, or another person in our lives.  What about ourselves?

You deserve good health, happiness, your own time and attention!

If you practice yoga and meditation, especially on a regular basis, you may have a better sense of your need for self-care.

Yoga encourages self-care, according to Timothy McCall, M.D.

McCall also points out that “in yoga, it’s what you do for yourself that matters.”

When we look at ourselves as worthy beings, then we are better able to care for ourselves in simple ways.  Eating right, getting enough sleep, and being gentle with ourselves.  Yoga fosters a positive attitude toward self-care.  Regular yoga practice becomes a gift that we give ourselves and a simple way to care for ourselves.

Doing something for yourself—yoga, for example–is a healthy habit.

A regular yoga practice provides a positive, healthy habit that we can look forward to.  Attending a yoga class at the same time every week allows us to block out the time on the calendar and devote that time to ourselves.  Maybe you go to class every Wednesday and call that your “yoga day!”  Everyone deserves a yoga day.

Another way to develop a regular yoga practice is to go to class with a friend.  There’s extra benefits – you get to spend time with someone you care about and you get to feel good about taking care of yourself.

At Barefoot Sanctuary, one of the easiest ways to develop a regular yoga practice is by becoming a Barefoot Member.  The Membership gives you unlimited yoga for $69 on a monthly basis.  The Membership is an auto-pay program, so once it’s set up, you can sign up for as many classes as you like. Click here to learn more.

The Barefoot Membership isn’t a contract, so there’s no minimum number of months to pay for.  If you are travelling, or need a break, you can freeze your Membership once a year.  If the Membership isn’t right for you, then you can cancel – just let us know 14 days in advance.

You are the most important person in your life and you deserve time and space to care for yourself!

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