Benefits of Yoga

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by Gennieve Richardson

Benefits of Yoga

One thing about yoga that makes me want to keep learning and keep coming and participating, I think I would say the number one would be people and the way that they make me feel and their energy being around yogis and yoginis that are really practicing and trying, they have a special spirit and it felt like a place that I belonged, sort of like my tribe, and the fact that I got to be a kid again. So I could be completely uninhibited and I didn’t feel judged – I could be myself.

Right now I teach a Vinyasa Class, Vinyasa Flow. For those who don’t know what Vinyasa is, Vinyasa is just a mindful intentional movement that links one posture to the other. I would encourage anyone to get a yoga teacher. First just find a teacher that you are interested in, their style, and I did a month intensive, so there’s lots of options. You can go on the weekends, over 9 months, a year… or you could just do it all in a month. It was a better life changing experience to be completely immersed in that environment. You are able to take the things that you learn in the training and use them in your life with your relationships, whether it’s with your partner or with your family, [or] at work. Well that’s what yoga does in general.

Our hopes – well obviously you want to make everyone happy, which can be hard with a big class, because we’re all different and we all like different styles of yoga and we all like different personalities. You just have to be yourself and those that connect with you and that you help will keep coming back. You feel really responsible for your students and you want them to feel the things you felt and experience what you’ve experienced and you just want to transfer that. When I set my intention to be about service and forget about myself, and just focus on the gifts that I have, my strengths, and how I can use this to help other people.

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