Alvin is spinning fire in the dark with glowing circle of light in front of him


Barefoot Sanctuary is a non-intimidating, judgment-free kind of a place. It ’s not a studio or a gym. It’s a space – an experience – to come and relinquish your armor, welcome in the healing, and activate your inner power.

We unify the various elements of our passions in yoga, dance, and circus, into a single approach called Embodied Movement - the practice of integrating body awareness, breathwork, balance, and internal power. Embodiment is accessible to everyone - if you're breathing, you are already tapping into your inherent strength and wisdom. Your body is your greatest teacher.

The disciplines of yoga, dance, and circus constitute a trinity in our system where each form invokes a specific focus. Expressive Yoga invites the practitioner to discover the inner healer and breathe inwards; Dance Medicine oscillates to the outer realms where expressive release and sensual freedom create the experience. Circus Arts trains the body and the mind in balance, coordination, and execution demanding both unwavering discipline and heartfelt playfulness.

"Creating brings us closest to creator."

- Bhagavan Das



Alvin Tam was born in Edmonton, Canada, where he became seduced by a dream at the age of 18 to travel the world, learn languages, and meet new cultures. Captivated by this vision, he discovered the National Circus School in Montreal and began training intensively as a professional acrobat for four years, graduating with a Diploma in Circus Arts. He eventually ended up crossing the globe several times as a circus performer and coach. Alvin has performed in Japan, Brazil, France, England, Canada, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Zambia, Bali, Peru and Lebanon and has taught circus to thousands of children, youth and adults over his 25-year career.

In 2002 Alvin received a call from the Cirque du Soleil to join the creation and performance of the $200 million Las Vegas show, KA. He spent five years working with the company and is also the founder of the global inversion movement, International Handstand Day, which has thousands of participants worldwide.

Alvin currently lives completely off-grid in the beautiful forests of the Okanagan with his loving wife and son.


Jada Fire was born and raised in New York. After two decades of world travel she followed an intuitive calling to awaken her inner healer through a multicultural blend of native ways. She has been leading a diverse union of embodied movement and yoga practices for over 20 years. An artist, herbalist and sacred dancer, Jada is a fire artist ~  as she finds the healing element fire a spirit ally to co-infuse all the work she creates. Her greatest strengths are in performing arts, creative direction, teaching, healing and inspiring community connectivity.

Jada has travelled the globe studying indigenous people, culture and expressive art forms, shamanic healing modalities and also the art of circus. She has performed in Las Vegas with various productions including specialty events with Cirque du Soleil.

Jada is a certified art educator with a degree through New York State + Queensland Australia. She is well versed and passionate in art and yoga / dance therapies, anthroposophical study and holistic living, sustainable wild crafting, plant spirit healing and the wild woman archetype. Jada is the author of “Relinquish the Armor, 14 Ways to Illuminate Your Inner Fire” and the illustration artist and co-creator of the Ancient Animal Wisdom, Oracle Deck. Jada is also the creative director and founder of Wolf Kin, a locally cultivated performance art troupe.  Jada lives off grid in Mabel Lake Valley, BC with her vibrant family whom all share a strong desire to foster creative and healthy community connections from the heart of the forest. Barefoot Sanctuary is her home lair where all the embodiment medicine she has to offer thrives. Jada Fire~ Heal + Inspire.