Yoga & The Present Moment

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By Aaron Hilyard

Yoga & The Present Moment With

To me the most obvious benefits of Yoga Practice are that it brings your mind to the present moment, and when you start to be aware of the tendency of your mind to wander, a great place to start is just with your breath. When you notice how difficult it is to pay attention to your breath over an extended period of time, you notice how difficult it is to stay present doing the everyday things of your life to stay present with the people that you are going to deal with on a daily basis.

I really think one of the best benefits is that it helps you to show up to your own life, through the good parts and the bad parts, to stay present through all that. The ultimate benefit is to really just live a happy, healthy life and be able to deal with the things that you love and share your life with the people that you love.

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