Yoga for Beginners

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By Jenn Grey

Starting yoga can sometimes feel a little intimidating, and with a new student, I would encourage them to come to a couple of classes, see how you feel afterwards, and I find that immediately after these classes, and especially the next day, there is an immediate sense of relaxation, a little bit less stressed, and you’re more focussed on breath. I think that that is where it begins. I think that the more physical results of yoga maybe come from a couple of weeks, maybe a month – and to try it for a month and to see how you feel at the end of the month. And that should give you a good sense of – I already feel this immediate sense of relaxation and less stress with my breath work, but physically, maybe by the end of that month, I’m a little bit closer to touching my toes. If a student comes in and says “I’ve had this kind of surgery” or “I’m recovering from something” or “My shoulders are really hurting”, I would encourage them to keep trying to move through the practice, but only at their own pace, and that if we start to move slower or faster than they’d like, try to tune me out a little bit and just keep moving at what feels good for them and that at any time, take in a table top or a child pose, or lying down in Shavasana, is totally acceptable.

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