Immunity Boosting Broth

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by Herb Yogi Jada

Namaste, Yogis out there – hey I’ve got something special for you today. We’re going to make an immunity boosting broth, and why would we do such a thing? Well, I tell you what. If you’re feeling run-down, and you feel first sign of some kind of a cough or a cold or even a croup, this is how we treat our crew. We’re going to make some kind of broth that is easy to do. You might have some of these herbs, and you might have some of these fresh herbs, ginger and garlic and such already in your kitchen, in your cupboard, and that’s great! And if you don’t, you can have a look at our article online called the “Immunity Boosting Broth” and next time you’re at the food store, pick up some of these goodies and you’ll be ready to go. We’re going to make it together and it’s really easy and it’s fun so thanks for checking in on our Herb Yogi Tip of the Day – Immunity.

Ginger and Garlic for Healing

Okay so first thing we’re going to do is get some grape seed oil warm in your pan, and I like to give it a swirl around as you can see my heat is low. Anytime you’re cooking medicinal food you don’t want high heat. Typically you don’t want high heat at all. Slow and steady wins the race. I have here, if you can see, some raw ginger and olive and what I’m doing is cutting off the edges and I often say that raw ginger looks like a wizard’s finger pointing at you saying, “Go home and make yourself some immunity broth!” So all I did was cut those skins off and I’m gonna dice it up as small or as thin as you can cause it is so pointy and so pungent and so antiviral, anti-fungal and one of the greatest anti-inflammatories we can find in the herb. Also part of the same family, is turmeric, which is also part of our magical medicinal broth of this special day. So I’m going to take that nice warm oil – you can hear it start to sizzle a bit, and I’m going to add in the raw ginger and just as soon as I get that going I’m going to swish a little bit of extra grape seed oil on it because we’re going to brown the ginger. Well, I come from an Italian background so everything we do is with garlic, but I’m married to a Chinese man and everything he and his family do is with ginger. So often we get ginger and garlic in the same wok, in the same saucepan, in the same dish. So that’s what’s happening here and I want to chop it up as small as I can, but this is kind of what I call an emergency broth and the reason why is our little one was fighting off the croup. I first heard that first seal-barking sound of the croup and instead of going into panic, I just grabbed what I had and fortunately had these things in the kitchen and they really worked for me. After I get the garlic and the ginger in, I’m going to swirl the oil a little bit more, getting it moving around. I’d like to take a pinch sea salt or some Celtic salt, some high mineral-rich salt, not table salt, and crunch or grind just a good pinch or two of that. I’m going to take some fresh rosemary. This is from a friend’s garden, I just dried it. If you have a rosemary plant in your yard, it’s totally fantastic to use it fresh of course, but I had an abundance of it dried so I’m crushing it with my fingers and I feel them sort of crumble and that is important because it breaks open that essential plant component and the medicine that is inside. In addition I’m doing the same thing with the thyme. So I get that in there, I have a pinch of turmeric and you might like to just toss it right out of your jar. I picked up one over at Trader Joe’s, and I’m going to just get in a good amount of that turmeric.

Gluten Free Flavoring

Now, what I’m going to do next – my favorite thing to have in the kitchen when I’m cooking for deliciousness – is Liquid Aminos, this is by Braggs – this is totally gluten free. I’m going to give it a little swish, and I’m also going to swish up what’s going on in my pan. It’s starting to get yellow, and I can smell the sweetness of that garlic becoming very aromatic with our other herbs in there. And I’d love myself to have a wooden spoon. Wooden spoons are good for mashing up the herbs, for getting things moving around, and it just feels right to work with a wooden spoon. There is no scratching or harsh connection with metal on metal, and it feels very earthly to me so I love working with a wooden spoon.

Anti-Inflammatory Tumeric

Now I’ve got a nice base. I might kick up the heat even slightly more, remember I’ve got a little one up there who needs this and this might be you that needs this so you kind of want to make it quick. You want to catch that first sign of not feeling well and give your body and immune system a chance to boost as quickly as can be. I’m going to spill a little bit of water and I probably ended up probably putting three quarters of a cup. I’m going to kick the heat up just a teeny teeny bit more. I’m going to swish it around and now I’ve got some dried herbs, I’ve got some fresh ginger and garlic that’s golden brown, the sea salt mixed in with the turmeric is creating this natural broth that we added in and those amino acids which is going to give it a lot of flavor. Now because turmeric is so medicinal, we’re going to add in a little bit more of that. I’m going to add in just another little pinch of sea salt, and I’m actually going to give it a little bit more of that crushed rosemary and a pinch of that crushed thyme. Lastly, I’m going to chop or cut as fine as I can to just get these essential plant components open in the parsley and basils is what I have here. I kind of pulled these off our herb garden out in the yard just a few little great pots we have going on with fresh herbs. Sometimes it helps with a pair of scissors just to get that open and going and I’m going to mix that right on it. So we’ve got the fresh parsley going in last. I think it’s really vibrant and green and I like to put it in last and the reason is you wanna keep those enzymes alive. If you overcook anything emerald green like the forest, and it starts to turn its color, then we’re losing it’s magic. I’m gonna give it another good swirl, and I could probably give this a little bit more turmeric. I’ve grown to like the taste of turmeric, if you have aches and pains in your body; it’s just such an excellent anti-inflammatory. So maybe we can get our broth a little bit more yellow, adding in a little extra of that turmeric, giving it a good swish. Kind of looks a little muddy, but that’s what’s going on as the collision of the turmeric color meets all of our other essentials components here of the herb family that’s going to boost our immunity and I feel that and I can say that because it has successfully helped my body, hopefully yours, but again, we’re getting creative in crafting in the kitchen. You may not have these herbs and maybe you have a few others that you like, the idea is to have immunity boosting herbs in your home, in your cupboard and in your fridge, especially the ginger and the garlic at all times because when in doubt, those babies can really help you and they work well together. So we’re pretty much done with our broth and if my little one was not feeling well, what I would do and what I have done is just transfer that over to a bowl and let it cool off and I’m actually going to drink it tonight since he’s sleeping and I feel like this is going to be good for me. Cheers, Namaste, take good care of your body and you know living harmoniously and being in the kitchen requires spending the time at home so go home and make yourself an incredible meal, and no rush.


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