Say What… Can it Be!?… a Las Vegas Yoga Studio INSIDE Whole Foods Market?! Yes, It’s true, Barefoot Sanctuary is located right inside the Whole Foods Market on Las Vegas Blvd. and offers Las Vegas yoga, belly dance, handstands, meditation and more located at Town Square. It’s the best place to combine your yoga classes or exercise routine with a healthy snack from the Whole Foods vegan food bar or your weekly shopping.

We create a place for locals and visitors to Las Vegas to find their organic “om away from home” in a relaxed, healthy, comfortable atmosphere. We are beginner yoga friendly with amazing, knowledgable and loving teachers. All levels of practitioners are welcome to Barefoot Sanctuary.

Meet the Founders

  • Jada Fire
    Jada FireCo-Founder

    Jada Fire, co founder of Barefoot Sanctuary is Yogini Spirit Guide and Artist, fully devoted to raising the peaceful community vibration.  She is also a divine conscious mother and creative spirit entrepreneur. Born in New York, though dedicated to the Las Vegas community for over 15 years. Jada has passionately studied indigenous culture and native arts around the globe, exploring primitive roots in Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Africa and Indonesia. Her background is a rich blend of ashtanga flow, ethnic-exotic dance, west African, Polynesian fire dance, tribal trance and the healing modalities of yoga that all become sacred movement. In her classes, you will often find yourself deep in a dreamtime meditative journey, enjoying blissful asana flow or blindfolded while guided by the rhythms of live drumming.  Jada offers a diverse and artistic blend of yoga dance and meditation in her workshops, performances, teacher trainings and world retreats.

    Jada developed and teaches the practice Expressive Yoga Dance (www.expressiveyogadance.com), an organic expression of serpentine asana flow while incorporating hatha basics and energetic healing modalities within the practice. Barefoot Sanctuary is her humble home and she is passionate about sharing the temple with you!


    Jada is also the author of “Relinquish The Armor, 14 Ways to Illuminate Your Inner Fire” and has illustrated and co-created the newly published Oracle Deck, Ancient Animal Wisdom, 38 Spirit Cards of divine guidance and enlightenment. Most recently Jada has been journeying deep into the world of herbalogy and plant medicine with a new book on the rise that will share her transformational stories on profound spiritual and physical healing. Healing starts with our roots which is why most of what Jada shares has a strong primal understanding and way of expression.


    “May Loving Too Passionately Be Our Only Crime.  Love is the Medicine.  Welcome to Barefoot Sanctuary!”
  • Alvin Tam
    Alvin TamCo-Founder

    Captivated by a vision to travel the world and meet new cultures, Alvin discovered the National Circus School in Montreal at the age of 18 and trained intensively for 4 years. He eventually ended up crossing the globe several times as an acrobatic performer, coach, actor, and entrepreneur working with many circus and theatrical companies, including the renowned Cirque du Soleil, in KA.He now speaks four languages and has traveled to over nine countries and 200 cities and currently lives in Las Vegas. Alvin’s dreams are to build and fly an Iron Man suit, live to be 300 years old, and create a beautiful, loving family with his wife Jada.

    Alvin is the author of “The Art of Impossible” and pioneer of Acrofit, an acrobatic system of movement designed to increase strength, precision, and flexibility.  Alvin is an inspiring key note speaker and captivating performer. He is also a versatile and passionate filmmaker, infusing his spiritual concepts of making the world a more remarkable place with every touch of his heart.

    “The way we do anything is the way we do everything.”