About Barefoot Sanctuary


The Beginning

Who would have thought that a community yoga studio would thrive so well in the hidden loft spaces above Whole Foods Market? Over 7 years ago, we saw not a room full of boxes, but a space that could be transformed to welcome a growing community of movement enthusiasts, yoga explorers and genuine people seeking an authentic and rich connective experience.

We sought to not make a yoga studio, but to create a community. We’ve only ever wanted to be a part of the Las Vegas mosaic that contributes to gently unite people, delicately delivered through yoga and health. We are passionate not about the outcome of yoga training but instead about the laughter, tears and love that bubbles up and out spontaneously when you get into a room full of strangers and find a friend in warrior’s pose.

The Healing

Barefoot Sanctuary is above all a place to come and heal. It’s a non-judgmental, come-as-you-are, start-where-you-are kind of place. It’s not a studio or a gym. It’s a space to come and relinquish your armor and welcome in the healing. It may come in the form of a yoga asana that lets the sweat pour out. Or it may come in the form of a few tears shed on the mat so that your day finishes just a bit less stressful. Whatever your healing is, Barefoot Sanctuary – is your sanctuary. Come and enjoy – or release.

The Sanctuary

At Barefoot Sanctuary, you won’t find fancy waiting lounges, expensive towel and mat rentals (mats are free, bring your own towel) or gym lunks in the latest fashion gear. Your instructor will meet you simply at our downstairs sign in station in the bakery 10 minutes before class. Once you’re signed in, he or she will escort you up to our humble sanctuary. You’ll have access to our complementary mats, upstairs bathrooms and change rooms and enjoy a simple and harmonious experience.


  • Jada Fire
    Jada FireCo-Founder

    When Jada first saw the soon-to-be yoga sanctuary above Whole Foods, her eyes lit up and saw through the boxes, unpainted walls and fluorescent lighting and envisioned a calming, artful space for locals and tourists to unwind and recharge. Jada’s natural ability light a spark and set a blaze to a community effort that is 7 years in the making created a true community space that welcomes thousands of students every year from all over the world. With over 16 years in teaching yoga, facilitating yoga teacher trainings and leading world yoga retreats, Jada is a natural advocate for the natural way of life and reconnection with Earth herself. Read Jada’s full profile…

  • Alvin Tam
    Alvin TamCo-Founder

    Alvin first joined the studio in the role of marketing but quickly added more hats when he saw how much fun students were having, and introduced classes that were born from the core of his background – the circus! Alvin’s passion for inspiring the impossible and challenging the status quo is woven into the spirit of the studio. Barefoot Sanctuary is not only a place for recharging but a space for discovering your true capacity and exploring the limits of the impossible. With over 17 years as a professional circus artist and coach, Alvin brings a unique circus facet to Barefoot Sanctuary that makes the studio stand out from the rest! Read Alvin’s full profile here…