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Do Yoga Las Vegas Style. Community Inspired Movement.

Find your “om” away from home inside Whole Foods Market on Las Vegas Boulevard

Enjoy yoga classes on the strip right inside of Whole Foods Market at Town Square! It’s true, we are the only yoga studio in Las Vegas offering a unique selection of beginner and intermediate yoga, partner yoga, meditation, belly dance, handstands, and more! It’s the best place to combine your yoga class with a healthy snack from the Whole Foods food bar or weekly shopping. All classes are taught in our private enclosed sanctuary in the back of the store. Come and experience a community-inspired health movement!

If you’re looking for beginner yoga in Las Vegas, you’ve found your home at Barefoot Sanctuary. Our teachers specialize in introducing yoga to you in a gentle, approachable way, so that every experience – from your first to the hundredth – is an enjoyable and reviving adventure in wellness.  Our beginner yoga classes are perfect introductory steps for starting your journey. If you’ve considered trying yoga for the first time and weren’t sure where to start, welcome to your beginner friendly yoga studio, Barefoot Sanctuary!


Our studio is uniquely located inside the organic superstore Wholefoods Market on Las Vegas Boulevard at Town Square at 6689 S. Las Vegas Blvd. But don’t worry, you won’t be doing yoga in the middle of the aisles! Our sanctuary is privately situated in the back of the store.


Once inside, find the juice bar and meet your teacher! Be sure to come 10 minutes early so you have a few minutes to create your account. Or, you can create your account online here. Your teacher will lead you up to our studio for your divine practice. No late arrivals permitted, so please come early!
  • I think the Barefoot Sanctuary is truly that; a convenient location with no-pressure teachers that are welcoming to everyone. You can tell just by attending; there is a wide variety of ages, sizes, shapes and ‘ability.’ If you want a quick ‘get away’ in the middle of it all, go there. Go for yourself.

  • I love the atmosphere at the studio. It is homey and relaxing. I really like the people I meet there.

  • Wanted to thank you and your instructors at Barefoot. Since I started going to yoga and Acrofit from last summer of June 2010 I have lost 30 lbs and my high blood pressure has gone down. When I first started – believe it – I weighed 168 lbs, had high blood pressure, no energy, always tired and on 5 different medications at the age of 33. Ever since I started Acrofit and yoga, I have gained myself back in a healthy way. I am eating healthier, more energy, and no more medications. I weigh now 138 lbs. I am going to continue Acrofit and yoga probably for ever. Me and Richard would like to get certified this year with your Acrofit training and I would like to train when Jada does the yoga certification. This is a way for me and Richard to have acrofit and yoga for the rest of our life’s. Yoga & Acrofit for life!!

    Betty T., Las Vegas
  • Barefoot Sanctuary is a wonderful place to meet a diverse group of people while keeping up with your health and fitness.

  • I have found my inner balance and strength back at Barefoot Sanctuary. Something I seem to have lost for many years. Love all the new Friends I have made.

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the order which arrived today. The DVDs are visually sumptuous, the music is gorgeous and the content is fascinating and uplifting. I live in the UK so won't be able to make any classes, but at least I can learn from the DVDs. Keep on doing what you're doing - it's amazing! :)
  • Alvin, Jaime and all of the instructors are amazing. The classes are suitable for every level of fitness, with such a variety you can never stop learning or become bored!

  • Love the peacefulness and serenity of the studio. Great energy abounds.

  • The handstand class is amazing! In just two classes, I got to try and to actually do hand-balancing. In just three classes, I got to do a handstand on a chair! The best thing about this place is the supportive atmosphere. I feel like I can achieve so much. It makes me feel like I am 5 years old again. This great feeling just flows in!

    Handstand Student
  • Acrofit is an innovative, fun class that will put a smile on your face for sure. The class was crazy – rolling around, going sideways, upside down, and jumping – but it was definitely a fabulous class worth giving it a try!

  • What a great studio! I have met some great people and enjoy coming to the classes. My 2 daughters and I, go to at least 4 classes a week. I love that not only do I get to spend time with my daughters, we all 3 get a great workout. The instructors show my children how to work hard and be healthy at the same time. Thank you Alvin and Jaime, for coming into our lives!

  • Barefoot Sanctuary is a great place to have fun, get fit, and break through any mental and physical barriers we often place on what our bodies can do. The environment is warm and non-competitive and the people, fellow students as well as teachers, are friendly and welcoming. Alvin and Jaime are inspiring artists as well as generous teachers.

  • Barefoot Sanctuary has inspirational teachers and wonderful classes. They are suited for every level and the teachers are always willing to provide students with modifications if need be.

  • I am very happy that I found Barefoot Sanctuary. Taking classes are the bright spot to my week and have been motivating me to find a happier and healthier me!

  • Barefoot Sanctuary offers friendly and excellent instruction. Jaime and Alvin Tam have done a terrific job in making good health more accessible to our Las Vegas community!

  • As Jaime led us through the Expressive Yoga, I could feel blocks and resistance melting away in my body, being replaced by waves of bliss.

  • Barefoot Sanctuary is a great community of yogis and yoginis, with a knowledgeable, professional staff. Their monthly, all access pass is the most affordable in town. I often send new students to Barefoot, comfortable that they will get the proper training there.

  • A great atmosphere to support a yoga practice.

  • Barefoot Sanctuary at Whole Foods is a very peaceful, non-competitive, harmonious, ego-free environment with exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable instructors who challenge students to stretch their minds as well as their bodies to their utmost! Highly recommended!

  • I always look forward to seeing who will be at Barefoot on Saturday morning; sometimes my whole family is there. I also look forward to hearing about what events are coming up. Jada and Alvin create so many wonderful experiences and they have formed a wonderful community.

    Valerie W.
  • Barefoot Sanctuary is a great community of inspired and inspiring people that I have the privilege of belonging to.

  • The Jewel of Las Vegas Yoga. A great scene with great vibes, soothing environment, excellent instructors, open and loving to all.

  • I really enjoyed the class. It was calm and the incense was a nice touch. Thanks a lot!

    Yoga Student
  • Barefoot Sanctuary makes my body and my mind happy.

    Yoga Student
  • I love the studio. It’s very intimate and the classes have a lot of variation.

  • Barefoot Sanctuary is an incredibly authentic, creative space. I’m impressed with the diversity of classes offered, the community atmosphere that has been cultivated and the level of exceptional teaching taking place.

  • I just spent a week for business travel in Vegas. I found Barefoot Sanctuary online. I bought a $40 unlimited pass, and attended yoga every night while I was there. I had to write and tell you what a wonderful studio you created at Town Square. The classes were fun and exciting. The instructors and students were SO warm and friendly and encouraging! Long meetings during the day and the anticipation of the next day melted away for the time that I was in class. What a wonderful oasis on the Strip! It was like a little mini-family even though I was far from home. Thanks for your studio, the instructors that you employ, and the participants that you attract with your class offerings.

  • I feel uplifted when I spend time in this space. I just wish that I could participate more often.”

  • It is a hidden treasure.

  • I have been twice and am so excited to go back as soon as I get back in town next week.

    Yoga Student
  • I’m so glad I found the Barefoot Sanctuary in Vegas!! It’s been really amazing to find such a warm community that has helped my physical and mental growth.

  • Just wanted to say that Christina is THE BOMB!  I am new to yoga and am in LV for a convention.  I just wanted to try something out that would let me relax and chill and feel good.  Well, Christina's expressive yoga class was just perfect.  So spiritual and healthy.  And, I did stuff in that class that I could never   do before!!   Hit the spot.  And in such a crazy location.  The whole thing was awesome. I loved it!

  • It is a great place to unwind and get some exercise too. The room is small and intimate. All the wonderful instructors are so accommodating and pleasant to work with. They seem sincerely interested and concerned with each individual student.

  • I have enjoyed Barefoot Sanctuary’s classes and workshops since I returned to Vegas in May. All of the teachers are talented and attentive to each student’s needs. All levels are welcome.

  • Best studio in town!

  • Thank you for my first, very special experience with Yoga yesterday evening. Alison was wonderful, and fully attentive to my beginning level of this discipline. What a great gift you are offering the Whole Food Team (me) and all other participants. I am so appreciative!

    Bonnie, Whole Foods Market Team Member
  • If you are looking for an alternative to the mega gyms, where you can easily be lost in a sea machines and the buzz of the latest fad physical fitness programs, then Barefoot Sanctuary is the place for you. Combining ancient practices with a modern twist, they offer a truly unique way of achieving a sound body, mind and spirit. To you I say, seeker of health, balance and peace, welcome home.

  • Vinyasa Flow with Jody: Friendly, and I just loved her optimistic and constructive feedback. I give her five gold stars out of five. It was a fun non-judgmental environment that gave my body just what it needed that day. For the first time in my practice I was able to understand that my body may need to have my foot or arms in a variety of positions. Jody gave me a gift of alignment and ease in my yoga. Who would of thought a person can talk in the plank position? The visual cue of a cup of coffee made the lost positioning of my pelvis and easy task. I left the class feeling relaxed and energized (oh and a lot more flexible). I have to tell you that I was also wowed by Jindra’s excellent class. I learned more in her one class than in a ten week class. It was challenging but she was so helpful with explaining how to isolate movements. Then she took us right into moving performing and gave us the just right challenge to push us out of our comfort zone while making us feel like performers. I loved her confident positive energy and how the class was organized. Oh, and my new zills are great! She had me moving and using them with greater ease than I ever had. (P.S. Thank her for changing her presentation to accommodate my directionality difficulties with right and left.)

    Diane M., Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
  • I came to Barefoot Sanctuary through Bikram yoga. I wanted to improve on some of the advanced handstand postures. What I found was so much more than I expected. I have since been introduced to new types of yoga, flying, and of course vastly improved handstands. I am doing things in my forties I couldn’t do 20 yrs ago. And the friendliness of the studio helps me to look forward to my daily workouts rather than dread them. Thank you for enriching my life!”

  • Great instructors, convenient location and positive energy!

  • Barefoot provides a space for community to grow.

  • Barefoot Sanctuary is the most beautiful yoga studio in Las Vegas. The energy and feeling is so special from the moment you step in the room. All of the teachers are very professional and well trained. I highly recommend this place and could go on about how I adore everyone there!

  • Living a busy lifestyle as a mother of four children the Barefoot Sanctuary is exactly that for me – a sanctuary I can look forward to every week.

  • Love the studio, have really enjoyed every class that I have taken there. I always leave Barefoot Sanctuary feeling invigorated and uplifted.

  • I’ve found my yoga home! Love, love, love the instructor. She was so graceful and lovely to us. We were given tons of perks including a nice long meditation, a mini personalized adjustment and massage (everyone received something different depending on what we needed!), aromatherapy, Buddhist bowl relaxing vibratory sounds, OM chanting and a chance intention card at the end. Seriously, fantastic. It’s all in the details – we felt totally welcome. The class itself was an Expressive Yoga class blending Hatha and Flow. Learned lion’s breath and other new-to-me yoga breathing, techniques and postures. A-m-a-z-i-n-g. The studio itself reminded me of a small studio in L.A. I miss complete with eclectic wind chimes hanging from the ceiling, paintings, a rug in the center of the studio, candlelight, music, Buddha statues, white stringed lights and just an overall good vibe. Most of all, I felt the instructor’s love for us. Totally genuine.

  • I love that I can take classes not typically found at other gyms or studios, such as Acrofit and Handstands. Because the classes are small, the instructors are able to tailor the class to each individual’s needs and fitness level. They also mix it up from time to time, so that the classes are continually challenging and fun.

  • A little slice of heaven (above a Whole Foods).

    Yoga Student
  • Barefoot Sanctuary has widened my perspective and I love the vibe at the studio!

  • My first visit to Barefoot Sanctuary was for a ThetaHealing workshop. I knew I had found what I was looking for, not only in Las Vegas, but in my life. Alvin and Jamie couldn’t be any more welcoming or knowledgeable in what they do. As a former gymnast, the Acrofit and Handstand classes bring me back to my childhood. The yoga classes are top-notch, and each instructor brings a different flavor. There really is something for everyone here, be it dance, yoga, acrobatics, or workshops to enrich your life.

  • Jada and Alvin provide a space for exploration, growth, and relaxation. There is no mistake; you will understand the magic when you take a class. Everything about the experience is good for the soul. Love is bountiful at Barefoot Sanctuary- Peace and progress are unavoidable.

    A Very Thankful Student
  • After a first class: “Good morning: Cinzia was wonderful, very knowledgable and helpful and the studio was very peaceful. What a great find in amongst the glitter of Las Vegas. I feel nicely centered once again! Thank you.

  • Barefoot Sanctuary is a caring, comforting yoga studio. Great instructors, great community, & great classes. There is a class for everyone at this studio.

  • I love to start my Saturday at the studio. I go to yoga, see some friends, have a light lunch, get some groceries and flowers, and am on my way. It’s such a nice community location.

  • The location of this studio was such a surprise and the quality of the instruction is excellent.

  • Fabulous instructors, caring and warm people who attend. Very positive and healing place.

  • Tristan was great, he worked with all level students and enhanced my experience. This is the opposite of some other studios I’ve been to. Thank goodness we have another option!

  • Your instruction is fantastic! I loved the handstand class and I am loving the DVD! I watched the instruction part of the DVD last night. As a kid, I could never do a cartwheel. Last night, at age 48, I did a cartwheel in my living room!

  • Barefoot Sanctuary is that – a sanctuary with an atmosphere that promotes one to his/her highest and best. The instructors are friendly, helpful, and loving. You are accepted for who you are and at what every level you are at. It is my favorite studio for yoga.

  • Barefoot Sanctuary is a step out of the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas and a step into another world. The energy every teacher has to offer is so positive and so encouraging, I have gone from doing classes once a week to now exploring almost every class the studio has to offer, and loving each and every one! I have never been strong and never knew I could be acrobatic, but with these classes, I am so proud to say that each day I discover a new physical and mental strength within myself and fellow classmates that keeps bringing me back for more!

  • Barefoot Sanctuary is a place I feel open and stress-free.

  • A warm and welcoming studio…there is so much care and love put into all you do! Very clean, exceptionally positive energy. The place to go to make the quality of your life better!!! Love it…

  • Barefoot Sanctuary is a magical realm of yoga, community and love!

  • Barefoot Sanctuary is not just a yoga studio, but a welcomed community gathering place to share a sense of complete physical and mental state of health.  At the end of class, there is a great feeling of total relaxation and sense of achievement.

  • Thank you very much for the wonderful Expressive Yoga Dance class last night! I was so into that class and totally forgot myself at certain moments! Such a great enjoyment! Thanks Jaime for bringing up the amazing energy; thanks to Alvin and Joe for the fantastic drum….you guys took me all the way to the mysterious Africa and the origin of life…..nothing else matters, just the harmony of body and rhythm. I will definitely come back and try out other classes too. See you soon!

  • I always look forward to attending Alvin’s handstands class. I learn something new each time I come and I’ve seen great improvement in my handbalancing. Thanks Alvin!

  • I had a great time! A super way to end a hectic week.